About Us

Welcome to Pet Furry Care – Where Pet Happiness Comes First!

At Pet Furry Care, we consider our pets to be treasured members of our families rather than merely animals. Our quest started with a straightforward yet deep enthusiasm for giving our animal companions the greatest love, care, and support. We are extending that promise to you and your cherished pets today. We extend that commitment to you and your beloved pets.

Our Mission

Our objective is to promote the well-being of pets and their owners by developing a platform that not only caters to their needs but also acknowledges the happiness and companionship that these animals bring into our lives. We call this project Connecting Hearts, Nurturing Bonds.

Who We Are

In 2023, a group of animal lovers with the same goal in mind—creating a community that honors the special relationship between people and animals—founded Pet Furry Care. Our staff is made up of seasoned vets, experts in pet care, and committed people who are enthusiastic about improving the quality of life for pets and their owners.

What Sets Us Apart

All-inclusive Care: We recognize that each pet is different and has different needs. For this reason, we provide a variety of resources, such as educational articles and professional guidance, to enable you to give your furry friends the finest care possible.

High-quality Products: Your pet’s wellbeing is our top priority when curating our collection of pet supplies. We work hard to provide premium products that improve your pets’ health and happiness, from food to toys.

Participation in the Community: Join our vibrant, animal-loving group! Engage with other pet lovers, exchange tales, and ask for guidance. We think that communities have the ability to improve the lives of both pet owners and their animals.

Our Commitment

At Pet Furry Care, we are committed to:

  • Quality: Providing information and goods that adhere to the strictest reliability and quality requirements.
  • Transparency: supplying precise and unambiguous information to enable pet owners to make knowledgeable choices.
  • Passion: Fostering a love for pets that goes beyond the ordinary, creating an environment where pets thrive.

Connect With Us

We’re more than just a website—we’re a community of animal lovers! Connect with other pet lovers, share your pet stories, and stay up to date on the newest trends and advice by following us on social media.

How We Can Assist

Expert Advice: Skilled veterinarians and pet care specialists make up our team. They are committed to giving you accurate information so you can make decisions regarding your pet’s health and welfare.

High-quality Products: Look through our carefully chosen assortment of pet supplies, tailored to satisfy the various requirements of both animals and their caregivers. We are committed to providing high-quality products that enhance your pets’ well-being and happiness.

Contact Us

Would you like to share a cute pet photo or ask a question? We would adore hearing from you!

  • Email: info@petfurrycare.com
  • Phone: (951) 707-4280
  • Business hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday.

We appreciate you joining the Pet Furry Care family. Together, let’s make every moment with your pets special!

Warm regards,

The Pet Furry Care Team