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Black horses are very popular among riders. But where does the fascination of the black horse breeds come from? We took a closer look at the topic. Animals with black fur otherwise have to contend with some prejudices. These are often considered dangerous and associated with superstition, mostly because of the negative connotations associated with the color black. It’s completely different with black horses:

Rapping in history

In Greek mythology, there are four black stallions harnessed to the chariot of the god of the underworld, Hades. Over the course of history, legends of black riders who came from the spirit world and meant evil have appeared again and again. But as time went on, the black horse started to represent strength and might more and more. Alexander the Great is said to have owned a black stallion that only he could tame. But the black horse also once had prejudices that had to do with superstition. In the Middle Ages, the black horse was considered demonic and supernatural. Many historical drawings of powerful rulers show black, powerful, and proud horses that express respect and awe. For example, Emperor Charles V can be seen riding a magnificent black horse after winning an important battle.

Famous black horses in film

Rapping also plays a role in many TV series and films. The most famous representatives are probably the black stallions Fury and Black Beauty, Winnetous Iltschi and Tornado, Zorro’s horse. Ostwind, known to many horse enthusiasts from cinema and literature, also has black fur. What do these famous four-legged friends have in common? They are considered exceptionally intelligent and symbolize freedom, strength, and adventure. And they awaken in horse lovers the dream of a four-legged companion that only they can tame and who will be loyal to them from then on.

Rapping in equestrian sport as an eye-catcher

Black horses are particularly popular in equestrian sports for one reason: their shiny black coat is an eye-catcher. A muscular black horse who shows graceful movements in dressage or in the baroque riding tradition receives many admiring glances. Maybe because black horses are less common than brown horses. After all, nature is more about survival than beauty, and horses with brown fur are best able to camouflage themselves from predators. And what about the character traits of the black horses? Black fur – black soul – this applies to very few black horses. The black horse is by no means considered dangerous among riders. To this day, horse lovers still associate rapping with strength, power, and elegance.

Black horse breeds

Black horse breeds are found in many horse breeds. However, the following three have exclusively or predominantly black fur:

  • Frisians

Frisians come from the Netherlands. The trademarks of the horses, which are up to 175 cm tall, are their stocky build, their deep black coat, their long flowing mane, and their fur coat. Their energetic gaits make Friesians popular show and dressage horses. Thanks to their strength and reliable nature, Friesians are also suitable as carriage horses.

  • Mérens

Mérens are medium-sized, stocky horses from France. This horse breed is also exclusively black and markings are rare. Although the good-natured horses are between 145 and 150 cm tall, they are smaller than Friesians, but like Friesians, they have lush, wavy long hair and fur coats. Mérens are known as sure-footed draft horses, even on slopes, but are also popular as leisure riding horses.

  • Fell Ponies

The fur ponies come from the Fell Mountains in northern England and are reminiscent of Frisians with their flowing long hair and fur coats. The 135 to 142 cm tall ponies have predominantly black fur, gray or brown ones rarely appear. Robust, calm, and balanced, but still eager and fast, they have conquered the hearts of many horse-loving children as leisure ponies.

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In the end, black horses are distinguished by their rich history and symbolic meaning in addition to their elegant appearance. From ancient myths to the big screen, these majestic creatures have captured our imagination. Whether in equestrian sports or as beloved companions in specific breeds like Frisians, Mérens, and Fell ponies, black horses continue to enchant us. And, as any horse owner knows, having horse surgery insurance is a wise way to ensure our four-legged friends stay healthy and happy. So, embrace the allure of black horse breeds – a perfect blend of strength, beauty, and a touch of magic.

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